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What Are Eyelash Extensions?


Eyelash Extensions lengthen and thicken your own natural lashes. They are single strands of synthetic eyelashes that are curved to replicate a natural lash. They are applied to each individual eyelash with a specially designed bonding agent for a natural look.

Eyelash Extensions are perfect for that special occasions, trips, or everyday! they are weightless and non damaging if you choose to have them all the time.


Do I need to prep before my appointment?


Prior to your appointment, try your best to arrive without any eye makeup, do not curl your lashes or wear mascara the day before and the day of your appointment. It will help minimize the cleanup time and more time for lashing.



Do Lash extensions create damage or pain?


No, lash extensions are applied to each natural lash carefully to avoid gluing multiple natural lashes together and then creating damage and discomfort. the process on its own s very relaxing and most have a little beauty nap.


How long will my new lashes last?


Your new lashes will last between 2 to 4 weeks depending on your skincare routine and your own natural lash life cycle. To maintain the full look of your lashes, it will require you to maintain refills every 2-3 weeks.


How often should I be coming in for lash refills?


We recommend getting refills every 2 to 4 weeks. If you wait too long your extensions will fall out and you will require a full set. Factors such as exposure to humidity, steam or touching your eyes a lot may cause the extensions to fall quicker. Refills can take from 45 - 60 minutes, depending on the state of your remaining lashes. A good sign of when you need a refill is when your extensions are 50% gone.


How long can I wear them for?


Unlike other products, you don’t need to “take a break” with lashes. With regular fills and care you can have lash extensions for however long you'd like.


How do I take care of my new Eyelash Extensions?


·         Do not get lashes wet for 24hours after application


·         Avoid hot steam or sauna


·         Avoid running water directly on your lashes


·         Do not rub your eyes


·         If applying mascara do so from middle to tip, avoid root area


·         Use water based eye makeup remover


·         Do not perm your lashes


·         Do not use a eyelash curler


·         Do not pull on your lashes (this may cause your natural lashes to come out prematurely)


Will my lashes fall out?


It’s normal for your lashes to fall out. Just like your hair, your lashes have a natural life cycle – every day you lose a few lashes – and new ones grow in to replace them. When you come in for a fill, we will attach extensions to your new lashes.



Can the eyelash extension be removed?


Yes, at any point the lash extensions can be removed using a gel remover meant to break down the adhesive without causing any damage to the natural lashes.


Can I wear mascara with my eyelash extensions?


Yes you can! However, it is recommended to use an oil free mascara that is extension safe.  This will make it so your mascara does not interfere with the bond of the eyelash extension adhesive or cause early separation.


Can I wear eye make-up with my eyelash extensions?


You most definitely can wear make-up with your eyelash extensions.  When selecting makeup, it is beneficial to go with extension safe make-up.